The Ultimate Strategy Roguelike

Rift Wizard is a retro fantasy turn based roguelike focused on strategy and spellcraft.

Rift Wizard was inspired by classic roguelikes such as Nethack and Dungeon Crawl, combining high stakes turn based combat and resource management with a deep character system inspired by modern action RPGs like Guild Wars and DOTA.

Build your spellbook from over 100 possible spells, each with multiple upgrade paths:

Customize your character with over 50 passive abilities:

Chart your course through an infinitely varying multiverse of procedurally generated realms:

Test your wits against 100s of unique enemies:

Rift Wizard, though simple to pick up, is difficult, frustrating, and niche. I created it to challenge and inspire the hardest of hardcore rpg and roguelike fans. To give them a deep experience they can lose themselves inside of. To create a game which fully delivers on the promise and potential of rpg traditions.

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